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Mystic Temple Incense - Red & Purple Label - Premium Fragrances

: $3.95
Item Number: MD


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*** Please note: We are out of Mystic Temple Incense "Red" package header cards and are substituting "Purple" header cards (same design as Red with a Purple background) with the same stick quantity and price as your Red packages on most fragrances.*** India's finest quality * Masala & Durbar * Gold-foil Lotus Mandala Design package design in Red or Purple background * Pure herbs, flowers, resins and woods * Made in India * Packaged in the USA * 8" sticks * Each of your packages features a different verse from the Bhagavad-gita on reverse * Over 40 famous, devotional, bhakti-yoga verses, collect them all * High-grade Masala & Durbar incense sticks * Temple Grade * Your incense is sold by weight of each stick. Because your incense is hand-rolled, your stick count will vary on shipment to the next *