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Mystic Temple Charcoal Resins & Powders - Bulk Pounds

: $14.00
Item Number: MTRI-LB


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Unlike the Mystic Temple Magikal Blend Powders which are blends of Magik Oils and Sandalwood Powder and are referred to as "Purpose Blends", because they perform a specific purpose like "Attracting Prosperity", Mystic Temple Resin Incenses are the Pure Resins as they occur in nature - such as Frankincense or Myrrh.

Fragrances Available: Royal Amber Powder, Arch Angel Michael, Benzoin of Sumatra, Benzoin of India, Basilica, Black Mayan Copal, Buddhist Temple Blend, California White Sage, Celtic Blend, Cleopatra, Dragon's Blood Resin, Dragon's Blood Powder, Dragon's Blood 250 gm ball with Pentacle, Eye of Horus, Frankincense Tears (small/medium pieces), Frankincense Pea Size (tiny pieces), Frankincense of Somalia (Sultinate of Oman), Frankincense & Myrrh, Gloria Church Blend, Golden Copal, Lignum Aloes (Aloeswood Powder), Isis, Lotus Rose, Kashmiri, Kiva Forest Blend, Moroccan, Myrrh (Black), Nag  Champa Powder, Nile Temple, Osiris, Patchouli Powder, Pontifical, Sandalwood Powder (pure Mysore), Three Kings, Temple of Solomon, and White Mayan Copal