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Mystic Temple Incense 100 grams Premium-quality

: $25.50
Item Number: 100GM


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Premium Fragrances*
High-grade Masala & Durbar incense sticks. Suitable for offering to your Temple Deities. Your incense is sold by weight of each stick. Because your incense is hand-rolled, your stick count will vary one shipment to the next.
Fragrances Available:
Amber Champa, Chandan Champa, Dragon Temple Blend, Maharaj, Precious Forest, Patchouli Champa, Peace Nirvana, Reservoir of Pleasure, Vanilla Amber Champa, Red Tara (Red Dragon Durbar), Satori (Awakening), Transcendence, Vanilla Honey Dust, White Frankincense (Sultinate of Oman), Zen Meditation, and New! Sacred Woods